Saturday, May 17, 2008


There si nothing…. I look beyond the sunrise only to find that there’s nothing there, I am not even talking about emptiness, no emptiness refers that in some other time there was something there I am talking of absolute nothingness… there is nothing beyond the rainbow…. Flashes of lights and then NOTHING

Worthless everything then is worthless why do one love if at the end there nothing left, my worthless existence has become clear to me I am worthless my pain my sorrow is worthless cause at he end there is nothing to cross over to.

The puppeteer is a mischievous; the puppeteer is a sick bastard standing way high just watching us fool each other over the worthlessness…. He puts rules, this bastard, saying that good deeds come back as good things and that ones in a while we have to have martyrs in order to understand how lucky we are… maybe he is afraid of the nothingness that follows him… maybe just maybe. And if Jesus did exist he was robed because in the other side there is nothing …. Just nothing

I saw the beast today the great nothingness and then when I open my door I have to pretend that I didn’t see anything cause people wouldn’t believe me , I am tired I should just ended, anyway is only a transformation from my worthless existent to a NOTHINGNESS.

Should I fool myself again? Should I say to myself everything will pass? Should I put a happy song and keep along with charade? In this moment I don’t want to I jus want to stand still, to get my heart out of my chest and feel nothing, no fear, no love, no pity no nothing… the puppeteer looks at me and I just stare at him looking for a answer but there’s nothing say…. Let the fools cling to something if that makes them happy, after all how am I to ruin there parade.
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