Sunday, March 18, 2007


Regálame un día contigo, un día completo un día entero solo un día, eso te pido regálame un anochecer, un amanecer, regálame un paseo por el parque regálame un capitulo de nuestro libro de Neruda, regálame una sonrisa, regálame una lagrima, regálame toda la experiencia humana comprimida en 24 horas…. Regálame un adiós y una bienvenida, regálame un abrazo y tu espalda, regálame tu cuerpo y tu alma, regálame lo eterno solo para mi todo comprimido en un día, regálame tu esencia y tus banalidades… regálame un día ya que estoy condenada a vivir sin ti una eternidad….

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Algo para ti...


So what if I feel this or I feel that… parents, geography even god keeps us apart… so what if I die for you not even then can we be together, if you believe your heaven and mine or not the same… act you say… wear a mask you demand… hate me you request ….

Every word that comes from your mouth makes my heart bleed… every breathe you take away from me makes me cry … every second you don’t look at me, makes me die inside…

I pray to Allah you think he will hear me? … I pray to Jesus do you think that will make a difference? because I don’t… my beloved only you I worship, only you … you are my home, only you are my house only you make my heart beat … only in you I see god… only in you !!!

Act you said with such sad eyes… act you request… I am only what I am nothing more, I am naked in front of you, no mask nothing only my broken heart… nothing … nothing at all
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